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SNEAKY software INSTANTLY forces you to go
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Set up your
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Watch the
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I know, I sounds too good to be true...
but the proof is UNDENIABLE

These are the results of just a couple of our
recent Viral Machines that we’ve set up

First Live Test


Free Traffic

First Live Test



Second Live Test



How many are YOU going to set up?

Let’s face it. Whatever business you’re in, you're gonna need traffic whether you do:

Local Offline marketing

Affiliate marketing



Sell your own product


Or sell ANYTHING online

And you’re going to have to spend a lot of time and
money to get that traffic doing things like:




Creating a social media following


Until now!

Brett Rutecky and Mike Thomas (Mike From Maine) here:

We’re both 7-figure marketers who generate HUNDREDS of Thousands of free traffic every single year.

We personally have MORE than enough traffic for our own business.

That’s over 3.5 Million
clicks of traffic!!!

In fact we don’t even worry about where to get it from anymore.

However there was a time when we struggled.

We didn’t have enough traffic for our businesses...and with NO TRAFFIC comes NO MONEY.

We know what it’s like to wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat wondering how we’re going to provide for our families.

We know what it’s like to look at our traffic stats and see ZEROS.

And it hurts.

So we created a system that requires
absolutely NOTHING to set up:

  • You don’t need an email list
  • You don’t need a website
  • You don’t need a social following
  • You don’t need hosting
  • You don’t need a domain name
  • You don’t need to put in hours of work

Our system is so simple that ANYONE can do it.

And quite frankly, it WORKS!

It gets OTHER people to spread YOUR LINKS
all over the Internet in a VIRAL FRENZY!

If you can follow simple step-by-step Instructions where we take you by the hand and show you how to do this then YOU too can get UNLIMITED free traffic.


The viral traffic system for people who
want 100% free traffic but don’t have the
time to get it or the money to pay for it

InstaViral allows you to get a ton of traffic!

Cloud-based viral software (no need for hosting or a domain name)

Step by step training (so easy ANYONE can do it)

100% everything hidden costs

Proven to work (case studies included)

No paid traffic


No need to have a social following


See just how powerful it is
in this 60-second demo!

It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in!
InstaViral can get you traffic if you are:

A local or offline business

Do you need more traffic for your store? Would you like more customers actually coming in and shopping? Well InstaViral can get you more customers...and specifically...customers that want to spend money!

An Affiliate Marketer

If you’re an affiliate marketer you’re always looking for more ways to get clicks. Well now you can use InstaViral to have people actually share YOUR affiliate links all over the Internet...well you’re relaxing ;-)

A blogger

You spend a lot of time on your why use that precious time to try and get traffic? Well now you can use InstaViral to get OTHER people to share your content for you!

An Ecom seller

In general product listings are difficult to make go viral...but InstaViral SOLVES THAT PROBLEM with a unique way of getting REAL people to share your listings all over the Internet. Problem solved!

InstaViral is the ONLY Traffic
software you’ll EVER nee

Use our traffic system to get 100% free traffic that you can use for any link

The InstaViral Difference

As with every software solution Brett develops, he never shares it with the market until it exceeds his own demanding expectations.

Brett’s 7 figure online business relies HEAVILY on traffic… so he put InstaViral through the paces and started using InstaViral in his own marketing campaigns. Here are some of the results that got using InstaViral:

How do I get this free traffic if I don’t have an
email list, a social media following, a website, or
money for traffic?

That’s where the magic happens in our system. Not only are we giving you a SUPER powerful software, but you’ll also be getting our step-by-step training that will get you guaranteed results.

Make 2019 YOUR year with the most
POWERFUL traffic system created BY
marketers FOR marketers

Launch Exclusive Bonuses

These will ONLY be available during the 4-day launch
Bonus #1:
Access to our Vidyz video hosting software (Value $47)
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Take InstaViral for a test drive for 2 full weeks and all the risk is on us. Start seeing a SUBSTANTIAL increase in traffic with our software system Use our cloud-based system on our dime!

And we're confident you'll love it! But in the unlikely event you decide - for any reason - this isn't for you... Just let us know and we'll promptly refund every penny of your small investment.

Frequently asked Questions

QHow many campaigns can I create?

AOn the front end you can have 10 simultaneous viral campaigns. There is an option to upgrade to “Unlimited” campaigns in the sales funnel, but you need to own the base version to upgrade.

QDo I need a website or hosting?

ANo! You’ll have access to our cloud-based system that doesn’t require anything extra.

QWhat if I need help?

AOur support is here for you, we respond so fast you won’t believe it.